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Thread: The Work-In-Progress Thread

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    I'm in the middle of making a bible black schoolgirl costume.

    As it's been...oh... about 8 years since I made the first one.

    But hey, last time I ended up as a macro, so hey, since I'm learning to sew - it may look better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sableagle View Post
    ... and it's done, and hanging up behind me.

    The next two are a bit further from completion. Here's a very early picture:

    Lots of progress made on this in the last week. Somehow, though, 90cm has turned into 92cm and 93cm. It makes no damn sense at all. I thought I'd sewn it on incorrectly and took out 40cm of seam, then remeasured everything and discovered I'd sewn it on just fine as far as I'd gone, but somehow cut it too long.

    Oh, well, better than too short!
    When I was fifteen, my father thought I knew nothing. When I was twenty-five, I was amazed by how little he thought I'd learned in such a long time.

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